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I’ve been reading some articles recently about how consumer consumption has changed over the years. It was interesting to see how almost all the studies highlighted the importance of online reviews; as 85% of the consumers use them as part of their pre-purchase research before trusting a company. It’s crazy to think how a few years ago, I didn’t even have the need to read other people’s experiences and insights before selecting a nice restaurant for a Friday night or a new product for my hair; and now it’s one of the first things I do!

Taycor Financial, the equipment leasing company I work for, knows the importance of having good equipment leasing company reviews from its customers as they are a great tool to attract potential clients. Like any other business, our customers are always much more likely to purchase a financing service that has already been recommended by experienced clients; and good taycor financial reviews increase the number of contracts by giving consumers the information they needed to make the decision. The equipment financing industry is very competitive; so building a trustworthy reputation is key to succeed.

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When I tell people that I work in Marketing, they tend to think that my tasks are basically related to advertising and promotion. But the truth is that this field is so much more than that. For instance, as one of the top equipment leasing companies in the market, Taycor is always seeking new ways to provide better services for its consumers and allocate the company’s marketing budget in the most efficient way possible. Keeping these goals in mind, the company gave me the opportunity to work on a Business Intelligence project that tracks the performance and efficiency of Taycor’s main marketing channels.

If developed and designed with the proper methodology, this Marketing Analysis project will be very valuable to maximize Taycor’s ability to increase sales, capture competitive market share and make more informed business decisions. In order to do so, my fellow co-workers and I are analyzing the company’s historical data to identify trends, calculate efficiency and conversion ratios, and map the company business process to identify areas of improvement. We are basically working as consultants that need to understand the way this business operates and come up with new procedures that should be implemented in order to keep Taycor as one of the top equipment leasing companies in the market.

I’m really excited to be part of this brand-new and challenging project. It is always fulfilling when you see that your determination and hard works helps your company achieve greater results, isn’t it? 🙂


Get your very OWN CUSTOM PAINTING for free!

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Hi friends!

Do you like these awesome paintings? With Christmas coming up, wouldn’t it be cool to surprise one of your loved ones with a custom painting of themselves for free? It can be a very unique present! If you like the idea, then listen carefully. What I have to say is really exciting!

Chicago artist Shara Barth is offering to create a custom painting of a submitted photograph that receives the most likes on the Votarus Facebook page. You just need to submit a photograph of one important individual in your life during a precious moment as a comment to the “Gift 2: Custom Painting by Shara Barth” post and collect “likes” for your photograph.  It’s that easy!  Go ahead and participate, the results will be announced on December 22.

Full contest information is available here.

Good luck, and best wishes from Spain!


MOVEMBER at Taycor Financial

Hello everyone!

I arrived to Spain a few days ago after a very long trip, and I haven’t had time to take a look at the pictures of NYC yet. I promise I’ll be posting some soon!

Today I want to share a video I have created about the Movember experience of one of my coworkers at Taycor Financial. He is one of the thousands of men around the world who grew a moustache during the month of November to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues and associated charities. These kinds of events always move me so much – I truly admire people who take action for a good cause.

I had the chance to ask him a few questions about his personal experience and document the growth of his awesome moustache by taking a picture each day. Take a look to know a little bit more about this popular campaign from the perspective of one of the participants!



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I’ve recently been learning a lot about equipment leasing at Taycor Financial. That’s one of the great things about working for one of the top nationwide equipment leasing companies of the country; you get to know the industry very well! Before I started working here, I thought that the equipment leasing industry was exclusively targeted to multinationals and big businesses; but that’s so far from the reality. If you think about it, every company needs equipment to conduct business, even the smallest ones. Buying business equipment outright to expand a business can be very expensive, and getting a loan from the bank is not always possible.

Leasing with a private equipment financing company like Taycor has a lot of benefits. First, equipment leasing programs allow businesses to spread payments over time, and save cash and working capital that would otherwise be used to purchase the equipment. Second, a lease is not considered a long-term liability, so payments are viewed as a business expense in the company’s balance sheets. That means payments are deductible expenses from the corporate income, reducing the net cost of the lease. Lastly, leasing equipment reduces the risk of obsolescence, making it a good option for businesses that need to upgrade equipment every few years.

I know this is a bit of an unusual post for my blog, but I find this industry very interesting and I wanted to share what I’ve learned. Especially for those of you who own a company, this is a really great option to consider if you need to expand your business!

Have a great day!



TAYCOR FINANCIAL: Project Community Program

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A few weeks ago my boss took a trip to Oaxaca (Mexico) to participate in a community project that Taycor Financial sponsored. Our company had the opportunity to partner with a few healthcare professional companies to bring medical services to a remote town in Mexico. Dentists, doctors and other support members spent three days treating patients and training local medical students.

I’m so proud of working in a company that has a sincere intention to help and alleviate the suffering of the communities that don’t have access to basic medical services. Check out this article to know more about the project we are involved in!

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Do you work in a company that gives back to the community? Have you ever worked as a volunteer?

Have a good evening!