Yael Serena

I’m sitting in a cozy Starbucks in Madison Street, Chicago Downtown, waiting for Dan to finish up some errands; and I find especially funny the fact that I’ve already heard two different people pointing out how amazing the weather is today (41ºF, feels like 32ºF, strong wind). This feels like paradise for Chicagoans, it seems – totally understandable after what they had to go through this past winter though.  I wish you could see my outfit today –  I’m all bundled up in layers of clothes, and still freezing my ass off every time I go outside. Seriously California, you completely messed me up!

Can you people from the South send some spring vibes out here please? I’m dying to see colors, flowers and green grass everywhere!

In order to start the weekend with positive energy and warm myself up a little bit,  I just went through my old archives and spent some time looking at the pictures I took a while ago at the beautiful Piedmont Park. They put the biggest smile on my face… Isn’t this lake absolutely gorgeous?

Wish you all a fabulous and hopefully springful weekend! 🙂

Piedmont Park, Atlanta

Piedmont Park, Atlanta


Piedmont Park, Atlanta

Piedmont Park, Atlanta

feet from shore


28 thoughts on “STILL NOT USED TO THE COLD

  1. As I tell those who are not from a bitter climate – it helps to have been born and raised in that climate. You may never completely acclimate to that weather. Having lived in Michigan my entire life until last year, I am spoiled and want nothing to do with anything north in the future except when unavoidable. Sounds like you will be moving back to Caly in time.

  2. Sending you some warmth from the office for the week end…2 days it was 24 degrees in NY with a strong wind…Looks like someone didn’t get the memo it was supposed to be spring already 😉
    Have a nice week end.

  3. Yael, I completely understand.! I was born and raised here and after three beautifully warm winters in Mexico – I cannot shake this chill.!! Fingers crossed for warmer weather soon for both of us 😉

  4. Count your blessings, sweetie. We got 5″ of new snow up above Green Bay last night. Really heavy wet stuff which caused power outages all over the north. It is mostly thawed by now. I was raised up here but lived in So Cal for 20 yrs, definitely helps to have experienced this for 30 years off and on. Spring is coming!! Promise!!

      • Everything is great in the northwoods. Most of that new snow is gone already. Going to Green Bay to purchase new outdoor chairs so we can sit on the deck or the dock tomorrow and enjoy the 50 degree weather. Life is good and getting better. Enjoy your day!

  5. At present, it’s wet here in the Canadian Southwest, but that’s the usual pattern to fuel and fire up the inevitable flowers and trees that’ll go full bloom the moment the sun comes out … which looks to be tomorrow. 😉 Hope you’ve had a great weekend, Yael!

  6. As a Chicago native, I know where you are coming from! The Spring can be rough, and it takes awhile for the warmth to finally settle in! I promise your time waiting will be worth it! Chicago is fantastic, especially millenium park and the space along Lake Michigan!

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