I’ve been living in California for a few months now, and I still can’t believe that winter will never arrive here. I honestly love this about Los Angeles, especially when I see on TV the effects of the massive winter storms that are hitting the States lately. I’m that kind of people that are always cold, even a small breeze makes me shake sometimes. I am a beach person, what can I say. I love the freedom that I have here, the fact that I can always go outside and do activities outdoors makes me so happy. Now I just need a yellow/blue California cruiser bike to feel 100% integrated in this lifestyle – I’m obsessed with them!

This doesn’t mean I don’t have an appreciation for change and seasons, but just for a little while, it’s alright to live without them. I know I’ll settle down in a completely different city eventually, so in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy what California has to offer.

I took these pictures last weekend in Venice, the weather was so incredibly nice that everybody was out enjoying the beautiful Saturday afternoon. Life is good here.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California



Los Angeles, California

  Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California 

Los Angeles, California3

Have a great day! 🙂




  1. Hey you should try Melbourne at the moment, we are sweltering with a 46 degree C heatwave…it’s been like this for the last 3 days and it makes sleeping difficult even with the aircon. Still, like you I prefer the heat to the cold, can’t say I would ever want to be back in the UK during winter again! Nice shots from Venice btw, really enjoy your shots and processing style!

  2. I love those bikes! I want a cruiser bike so badly! And to be able to ride it a long a beach like that would be even better! Our beaches don’t look quite as nice…especially this time of year. You have me dreaming of summer.

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  4. I miss California so much!!! I will be going in May and I can’t wait. My BF sometimes doesn’t believe me when I tell him how beautiful California is.

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