When I tell people that I work in Marketing, they tend to think that my tasks are basically related to advertising and promotion. But the truth is that this field is so much more than that. For instance, as one of the top equipment leasing companies in the market, Taycor is always seeking new ways to provide better services for its consumers and allocate the company’s marketing budget in the most efficient way possible. Keeping these goals in mind, the company gave me the opportunity to work on a Business Intelligence project that tracks the performance and efficiency of Taycor’s main marketing channels.

If developed and designed with the proper methodology, this Marketing Analysis project will be very valuable to maximize Taycor’s ability to increase sales, capture competitive market share and make more informed business decisions. In order to do so, my fellow co-workers and I are analyzing the company’s historical data to identify trends, calculate efficiency and conversion ratios, and map the company business process to identify areas of improvement. We are basically working as consultants that need to understand the way this business operates and come up with new procedures that should be implemented in order to keep Taycor as one of the top equipment leasing companies in the market.

I’m really excited to be part of this brand-new and challenging project. It is always fulfilling when you see that your determination and hard works helps your company achieve greater results, isn’t it? 🙂




  1. Interesting to hear your thoughts on this – I work as a strategic data management consultant in the marketing industry, so absolutely agree with what you are saying. You can’t improve anything if you don’t understand why it happened in the first place!

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