Yael Serena

Hi folks!

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your condolences and sweet words you wrote for me on the last post. It really means a lot to have your support during tough moments like this one. The kindness of the blogging community never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much.

Last weekend the weather decided to be nice here in Lleida Β – it’s usually very cold and foggy this time of year. I haven’t had the chance to practice photography that much since I’ve been in Spain, so this was the perfect occasion to take my camera out for a walk. My two boys and I went out to explore the canal and other surroundings near my parents’ house, and it was gorgeous!

It’s crazy how many new things I am discovering about my city now that I get to see it through my lens. Photography really changes the way you look at the world. Now I see beauty in so many things that I have never noticed before – this canal is an example. I walked here countless times with my parents and my dog when I was living at home, and I’d never thought it was a cool place. However, the sunset from the canal is absolutely stunning, and if you look at the horizon you can even see the beautiful castle that protects the city (take a look here!). I hope I can go there this week to take some cool pictures myself.

Here there are a few of my favorite shots of that day!

bffIMG_7223 copy


Yael Serena


dffIMG_7258 copy





hIMG_7381 copy

West England White Terrier

Dan Schallmo


iffIMG_7431 copy


nffIMG_7555 copy

lffIMG_7485 copy

cffIMG_7569 copy


vffIMG_7581 copy

mffIMG_7642 copy

at sunset

xffIMG_7561 copy


It was a great afternoon, I am so lucky to spend the holidays with these two. I will cherish these photos for a long time.

I hope you’re enjoying the last Monday of the year!




16 thoughts on “SUNSET WALK IN THE CANAL

  1. You’re so beautiful, Yael! You and your hunny looked like you had a great time being out and about. Your dog is the cutest!!!! He looked like he had a fun time too! Have fun on this last Monday as well!

  2. Great photos! I especially like the one with the backlighting on your hair. A natural hair light!

    And it’s great to see the Ducks shirt! I’m a law Duck myself (J.D. ’97)!

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