New York City

I know what you’re thinking… visit NYC in 5 hours? IMPOSSIBLE. And you are right, indeed. Especially if you place a very angry snow storm over our heads and transform the city into Winter Wonderland in no-time.

Our trip to Spain – with layover in NYC – was packed with surprises. The first of them came when the baggage claim guy at LAX airport told us that we would have to pick up our HUGE bags (and when I say huge, I mean enormous) at JFK since our layover was so long that they couldn’t keep the bags at the airport.Β GREAT. We planned this crazy tight itinerary to visit a bunch of places in a few hours, and you’re telling me that we have to do that carrying +70 pounds each?

Whatever. We were determined to make it to the city – I waited so many years for that moment! While we were getting a bunch of awkward/angry looks on the subway due to the chaos we were creating, Dan came up with a brilliant idea. He said that it’d be worth to try to find a Westin hotel and ask if they could keep our bags for a few hours since he was a platinum member. We managed to get out of the subway using one of the million exits that there are in Times Square; and guess what… a Westin hotel was in front of the exit we picked! A sign from God.

new york city

new york city

new york city

At that point, we felt free. There was still a violent snow storm to deal with though. For this, I made Dan hold an umbrella over my head while I was snapping some photos – that’s love. I couldn’t take as many as I would have liked cause I didn’t want to ruin the camera; plus after a while, my fingers were completely useless. My brain told them to move and they didn’t follow orders anymore. Where is LA weather when I need it?

Finally, after walking around Times Square for a while and doing some Christmas shopping, we headed to Central Park. I was completely amazed by its beauty. I felt like I was in Narnia or something! Sooo cool.

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

New York City didn’t disappoint, but I wish I had more time to explore. Now I have a great excuse to visit again – in summer, though! It’s all fun and games until you start losing control of your extremities πŸ˜‰

I hope you’re all having a great start of the week!




  1. Yes 5 hours in NYC is a whirlwind. Too bad you didn’t get to see it at night with the fresh snow on the ground. Safe trip to Europe and a very Merry Christmas,~ Glenn πŸ™‚

    • Thank you hun! I was so glad too, our experience would have been miserable otherwise. It snowed non-stop all day, so it would have been impossible to carry the bags in Central Park. I see LA is treating you well, enjoy! πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays!

  2. I’ve been to the Wormy Apple three times to appear on national television. The first time I was overwhelmed by the “cat-box” smell of the city and only spent 48 hours there. The second time I only spent 24 hours there because of the smells. The third time I flew in in the morning and out that night. Like a bad perm, it takes weeks to wash the cat piss smell of NYC off.

    Thousands of dollars and all expenses paid are the only inducements that could lure me back.

    • Bad smells, really? I think I was so busy dealing with the snow and being amazed by the city that I didn’t have time to notice the smells! I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience there. Merry Christmas!

      • And Merry Christmas to you and yours!

        I guess I’m just a ‘man of the wilds’ who prefers the perfumes of Nature.

        Hoping 2014 is your best year yet.

    • I couldn’t believe that we had to deal with those gigantic bags all day! Good thing I have a smart boyfriend haha.
      Central Park looked so beautiful covered in snow, I certainly felt like I was inside of a movie!

  3. So glad you enjoyed yourselves minus all the obstacles! That’s great that you were able to see Central Park covered in snow… It’s so beautiful… Minus the freezing fingers, of course, haha! Great pictures! Merry (day after) Christmas!

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