Get your very OWN CUSTOM PAINTING for free!

Shara Collage

Hi friends!

Do you like these awesome paintings? With Christmas coming up, wouldn’t it be cool to surprise one of your loved ones with a custom painting of themselves for free? It can be a very unique present! If you like the idea, then listen carefully. What I have to say is really exciting!

Chicago artist Shara Barth is offering to create a custom painting of a submitted photograph that receives the most likes on the Votarus Facebook page. You just need to submit a photograph of one important individual in your life during a precious moment as a comment to the “Gift 2: Custom Painting by Shara Barth” post and collect “likes” for your photograph. Β It’s that easy! Β Go ahead and participate, the results will be announced on December 22.

Full contest information is available here.

Good luck, and best wishes from Spain!



4 thoughts on “Get your very OWN CUSTOM PAINTING for free!

  1. What you are in Spain? Like my relatives in Holland (they usually hibernate in Spain till the cold up North subsides) Hm, yeah Yael, I have the European view on paintings – they need to be real, just like flowers:) Have a great time in Spain!

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