rain drops

Last Saturday I woke up to the sound of rain hitting my window. I was starting to forget that magic sound, I can’t even remember last time it rained in this city. It was still dark, so I grabbed my phone to postpone the alarm and laid in bed an extra half an hour. I close my eyes and listened to the drops as they splashed all over everything.

The rain only lasted a couple hours, but I had enough time to turn on the fireplace, make a cup of hot coffee and contemplate the rain under the warmth of a blanket.Β The quiet dropping noise that the falling raindrops make against the roof has a very relaxing effect, and allows me to steal away in my thoughts and dream.Β 

rain drops

rain drops




And you, do you like the sound of rain? How does it make you feel?



33 thoughts on “THE MAGIC OF RAIN

  1. the rain is so relaxing that i bought years ago a cd with rainy sounds, and another one with the sound of the ocean. when i am listening to this i am just… somewhere in my mind, far away from here^^

    • I miss it SO much! Can you believe that I’ve only seen rain 4 times since I moved to LA (5 months ago!)? Oh, and it didn’t last more than 2 hours; after a few drops, sun showed up again! Normandy, here I come! πŸ˜›

      • Sometimes it’s raining everyday in week, sometimes a day per two/three… Even in summer ! The weather sucks… Ok but sometimes (as these last few days) maybe it is COOOOLD but we have sun and no rain. I love this :p

  2. I’ve always loved the sound of rain…and the ocean. And whenever I swim laps at the gym pool, I always end with going underwater and listening to the silence of it. I guess I like water noise.

  3. It’s been so long (too long) since I’ve heard rain in the morning. I grew up with that sound, but after moving I just don’t get enough of it. Cheers to rain.

  4. I LOVE the sound of rain…almost as much as the lack of sound when it snows (nothing better than to lay down and look up while it’s snowing)! The third image really caught my eye, really dig how the drops are “shooting” out as if it hit an invisible barrier of some sorts.

  5. I not only love the sound of rain, but I love songs that sing about rain.!! Dancing in the Rain, Blame it on the Rain, I Can’t Stand the Rain on my Windowpane, Everyday it will Rain. There is something so cleansing and refreshing about rain.!! Thanks for the blog post πŸ™‚

  6. I love everything about rain. The sound of it is especially great when waking up or going to bed. I’m always trying to capture rain with my camera, but so far it eludes me. Nice shot of the rain drop bouncing and exploding!

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