In a few hours I’ll be flying to Chicago – my favorite city in the States. Woooo! In a few hours I’ll also be fighting for my life, cause it’s freezing out there. I’m so used to California perfect weather that I don’t even remember how it feels like wearing a thick sweater and a coat. I’m not worried though. Being surrounded by family and homemade food always warms me up! I really hope to see some snow and cool storms, I don’t want to end 2013 without experiencing that. Β I miss the sound of the rain so much!

I took these photos last year for Thanksgiving, we had an awesome time in the windy city and I can’t wait to repeat it again.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend to follow!

Chicago Chicago Chicago IMG_1509Chicago










20 thoughts on “OFF TO CHICAGO!

  1. Gorgeous photos! You definitely captured the spirit of Chicago as it makes its transition into the holidays (*sigh* I already miss it!). I’ll be making my way to the Midwest this holiday too (Minnesota), and I am not looking forward to pulling out the heavy coats + hats and gloves to do it, but there is something magical about chilly air and potential snow this time of year. Have an excellent trip and a Happy Thanksgiving!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment and kind words Caitlin! I see we are in the same boat, definitely not looking forward to wrapping myself in heavy clothes either. But as you well said, there is something special about it! I really hope to see snow and lots of Christmas ornaments around the city. I had the chance to visit Minnesota four months ago (we had a wedding there) and I loved it. Have a lot of fun!! Looking forward to reading your Thanksgiving posts! πŸ˜€

    • First day here and I thought I was about to die at least 5 times. It’s freezing! Totally worth it tough. It feels so good to get into the house and sit by the fireplace to warm myself up πŸ™‚

      • I agree one of the best parts of the day is coming back inside with a nice fire blazing and having something hot to drink. I can’t imagine Thanksgiving or Christmas without the winter chill and some snow. But after Jan 1 it can all go away and bring back the warm weather ;-). Now don;t forget to grab a Chicago hot dog with the works. You can forget the pizza only NYC knows how to make real pizza. Deep dish is for fruit pies not pizza. Yes I am a pizza snob.

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