flower photography

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you might have noticed that I tend to photograph flowers a lot. Flowers can add beauty to any landscape or transform the most simple room into a lavish and beautiful space. They are a visual candy and the fragrance they give off is so fresh and delicious. They are like magnets to me, every time I see one I have no option but to stop and practice my photography with them. The gift of flowers is something that can’t go wrong, and the same happens when you capture them on camera. They never look bad, aren’t they?  Plus they never complain or are in a cranky mood. They are just pretty and always ready for a shoot.

I read somewhere that flower photography is probably the most explored area of amateur photography, and I think in my case is completely true. Honestly, I haven’t spent any time watching tutorials or reading articles about this type of photography, I rather take that time to practice by myself. I’m not an expert in the field, but what I came to realize is that if you want to take stunning shots, you gotta get down on your knees. To really photograph flowers you cannot just take a snapshot and go away. Get down low. Shoot across it. Shoot under it.  That’s when you will see and discover more than the casual photographer does.

When I’m in front of a flower, I like to take my time to sense the odors, examine  the petals, colors and shapes. I don’t grab my camera and start shooting immediately. It’s a moment to relax and remind myself why I like photography so much. It also allows me to stop rushing and enjoy the moment and the minute.

Here there are some of the flower pictures I took recently and I like the most.

flower photography

flower photography



flower photography

flower photography

flower photography

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

Check out my Pinterest Flowers Board to see more stunning pictures!





  1. Agree, I never think about flowers until there are none in the flat…and then I notice how desolate the place looks. Flowers are magical, and you bring this out in your shots…great perspective and angles…#8 is perfect, the contrast & color.

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