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Before I started taking photography seriously (just a few months ago), I used to dislike watermarks. Most of the times it ruined my viewing experience because it was so hard for me to be able to concentrate on the image. A watermark can easily ruin an awesome photo if it’s not well positioned or if it doesn’t have the right size – it gets in the way of the art. I’m by no means a professional photographer and I don’t intent to make a living from my images (at least not in the short-term), but I really want people to enjoy my photos and have a pleasant experience with them. I realized that I was doing the same mistake that used to annoy me so much on professional pictures, and that’s why I have been reading some articles recently on how to best use watermarks.

Before explaining how to create a watermark signature in Photoshop, let me clarify the reason why I use a signature on my pictures. Honestly, I don’t lose worry about image theft since I’ve read that my photos are automatically copyrighted as soon as they are stored in my camera (read more here), plus I don’t own any masterpiece anyways. However, I tend to share my pictures on Pinterest (check out my boards here!), and when people see an image they like often times they come to my blog looking for more. It’s free advertising and it drives traffic to my blog – Β these are for me enough good reasons to use my signature. I know this is a controversial topic among the photography community, and there are a lot of photographers out there trying to prove why or why not is good to use watermarks. Β I personally believe that there is not only a right thing to do, each photographer should take that decision based on its own personal reasons on whether or not it’s worth it to add a little element of distraction on the images.

photoshop  watermark

Your logo brush is ready to be used in the Brush Preset. You can adjust the size and color of it, depending on the background of your picture. I always add my logo to a separate layer so it’s easy to change, move, remove, etc. There are multiple ways to stamp your signature on your images using Photoshop, but I found this one to be the easiest for me. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts!

You don’t have Photoshop? Don’t worry! Check out this tutorial I made on how to create a customized watermark logo FOR FREE!

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18 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: Watermarks

    • I’m working on it, hopefully I can have the post ready this week πŸ™‚ Photoshop is really expensive, I have the luck to have it at work and that’s why I’m using it. I’m thinking of buying the licence myself to be able to use it at home though. If I finally decide to do it, I’ll surely use the student discounts… makes the purchase less painful! Check out Lightroom 5 if you’re interested in acquiring a decent post-processing software. It has a lot of the Photoshop best features and it costs only $79 (with student discount).

  1. Thankyou. I’ve been doing some digital art and sharing it on my blog as well and was wondering how to incorporate a watermark into it. I forgot how easy it was to create a brush. duh πŸ™‚

  2. This was a great read! Thanks for sharing your tips. I’ve been toying with the idea of watermarking, going back and forth. What is your Instagram name? I absolutely love your photography and would love to follow you on Instagram as well! πŸ™‚

  3. Copyrights become a concern to all creative folks sooner or later. Being a writer and artist, I too struggled with this issue for a spell, until I began selling limited edition prints of my work. Photography, because it is ubiquitous today through mobile phone cameras leads many people to believe that any photo uploaded is somehow fair-game for unauthorized use. But there are privacy Rights as well as copyrights that should be recognized and respected.

    For example, when I began painting again, I joined devianART ( to share my artwork with fellow artists; however as a community of artists, such rights are respected, while the online community in general remains clueless of how much effort goes into the creation of an artistic photo, poem, painting, sculpture or written work. I went to so far as to delete my original FaceCrack account because I had shared so many pics of artwork and creative writings when FaceCrack declared that anything we posted to our pages was somehow the property of FaceCrack!

    If you want to freely “give” the product of your skills to the world, you have the Right to do so by simply saying so. But if you want to retain the ownership rights to your work, you need to take the appropriate steps. including posting a copyright statement to your WordPress pages.

    I wish you great success in your photographic passions, and thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. At first I did not use but I do now. I think it is devaluing a piece to simply allow it to be downloaded without any fee and unless it is watermarked the chances are some people will take advantage. I am not professional but think it harms the income of those that do if images can be simply copied. So I say watermark, but I wish we didn’t have to! MM πŸ€

    • I’m preparing a post explaining how to make a watermark with PicMonkey, that was my alternative for those who don’t have Photoshop πŸ™‚ That site is pretty good for making little editing stuff and cute logos. I love it!
      I have never used Photoshop Elements but I’m sure you can make a watermark by creating a customized brush with your logo, same way than Photoshop. Go ahead and try it out, let me know if you have any doubts! πŸ™‚

      • I thought you might be using PicMonkey. I wonder if your way will be the same as the one I found.
        I think I will try with Elements at some point and I will let you know how it goes!

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  6. I’ll have to give that a try. I use Photoshop for all my editing and do add a signature. Haven’t a way to use a real signature though Hope I can with your tip. BTW, love the look and feel of your site. Are you using your own editing software?

    • Try it out, it is really simple and it looks very professional. I have my signature as a brush, and then I just need to set the background in white and low the opacity 40-50%. Thank you so much for your kind comment, I really appreciate it. Everything that you see here was made by myself in Photoshop πŸ™‚

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