Manhattan Beach, California

Last weekend we were able to explore some of the most famous beaches of the South Bay coastline: Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. It was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Venice and Santa Monica (check out some photos here). We planned this little trip at the last minute so we just went there and played it by ear. We walked around to see what these cities had to offer, and they didn’t disappoint!

We found a parking spot in Manhattan Beach downtown, right next to lots of cute little boutiques, lovely coffee shops and delicious restaurants. I instantly fell in love. The view of the pier was spectacular from there, the streets were very clean and calm, and the beach houses that are built in the hills were just breathtaking. Perfect beach vibes.

We walked all the way to the end of the pier and spent a decent amount of time staring at the surfers riding the waves. It’s an amazing sensation having the views of the Pacific Ocean right in front of you, I could have stayed there for hours.

Even in the middle of October it still feels like summer here – and I’m totally okay with that. Living in a place with an endless summer seems so perfect for me (I guess because I don’t plan to live here forever), though Dan hates the concept of “just one season”. Poor guy, he just wants to put his coat on and make snow angels. I doubt that’s gonna happen…

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California



    • It’s still shocking for me to see people in swimsuits hanging out at the beach in the middle of October. I haven’t put on a jacket yet…it’s crazy! My body is so used to the warmth now that I’m not sure if I’ll survive in Chicago for Thanksgiving! haha

  1. These photos and your description are making me wistful for the magic of Southern California. We visited for the first time last November and it was quite honestly heaven on Earth. Crystal blue skies, perfect weather, beautiful people, swaying palms, a crashing sea, towering cliffs that crumble and weep, like faces dropping so many tears of joy into the foaming Pacific.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I feel so blessed for living here, California is definitely a state with an unique lifestyle. Unfortunately, I won’t stay here forever, so who knows if I will have another endless summer again. I have no option but enjoying my time here! I miss fall colors so much though – good thing I’ll be in Chicago for Thanksgiving. I hope it is not covered in snow yet so I can still see some golden leaves 🙂

  2. Hey Yael! Loved this post! There is so much to discover in this area! I often go to the pier to just sit and watch all the people on the strand and in the water! It’s breathtaking and insanely beautiful! I’m glad you took the time to visit these beautiful cities!

    • Thank you so much Julie! I loved the place you live and I’ll definitely go back again. Next time I’ll let you know, I promise! 🙂 If you come to Venice or Santa Monica let me know as well!

  3. It looks amazing there!
    I love fall weather so I don’t mind the 50’s to 60’s that it has been but I will be dreaming of places like this when it gets to be 30’s, 20’s, teens…..Enjoy the summer weather while you can!

  4. This is definitely a case where the grass is greener…

    I now live in a place with seasons, and I do love the fall, but I also miss the beach. A lot! Having lived all my life in the Sunshine state (until 5 years ago) well, at times I find myself missing the winter warmth and that lovely Pacific coastline! Don’t get me wrong, it is insanely beautiful here, but sometimes I just miss the uniqueness of California.

    Thanks for the visit and the follow!

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