antique and vintage collectibles

Remember when I said that showing the treasures that I found at Gum’s Mall Antiques & Collectibles would take me at least two more posts? Well…I wasn’t kidding!!  (I hope that’s good news?).

Honestly, while I was taking the photos I had the impression that I wasn’t doing a great job with them – maybe because the light was a little bit goofy in some spots of the store. However, I was gladly impressed when I saw them on the computer.

That’s big!! What usually happens in my case it’s exactly the opposite. I take the shot, see it on the little screen, love it, show it to my boyfriend with a lot of pride, build up my excitement, get home, run towards the computer, plug the camera, transfer the photo, open the file… and then disappointment comes. Mehh… It has so much grain, or it’s blurry, or the colors are faded, or it’s overexposed,… you get the idea, right?

I’m a rookie in this wonderful world of photography, so I still make a lot of basic mistakes when I go out and practice. That’s part of the learning process I guess.  As Henri Cartier-Bresson said once, ”Your first ten thousand photos are your worst”. That gives me some hope and motivates me to keep practicing. I’m looking forward to seeing my 10,001 shot! 🙂

antique and vintage collectibles

antique and vintage collectibles

antique and vintage collectibles

antique and vintage collectibles

antique and vintage collectibles

antique and vintage collectibles

antique and vintage collectibles

antique and vintage collectibles

antique and vintage collectibles

Oh, before I forget…Do you know why I chose a Pepsi picture to start the post? I worked at the company for a while when I was still living in Spain. And you know what’s funny? Dan was working with Coke at that time… Rivalry at its max!

Have a great weekend!




23 thoughts on “UNIQUE VINTAGE part II

  1. You did take great photos and it is usually hard for me to get them right with the lighting inside a shop. I love the old pepsi bottles and remember rc cola in glass bottles.

    • I struggled with the light but somehow I managed to make them look “decent”. Honestly, I was expecting very noisy pics because I was using high ISO values. Thank you so much for your feedback. I love your Halloween theme btw!! 🙂

  2. These photos are so lively & sincere. I absolutely love them – I’m so glad you started following me so I could see them. Great little dancing doll. Keep it up!

  3. Great series Yael. Really like your use of shallow DOF and also like the processing. You probably tested the minimum focus distance of your lens in these shots. Also, did you process in camera or use separate program?

    Regarding Bresson’s comment. The quickest way to 10001 shots is to put your camera in continuous shooting mode, tape the shutter and leave it overnight 😉

    • Thank you so much Mark! Once again, I really appreciate your feedback. I only had my 50mm 1.8 lens with me that day so I took all these shots with it. I used Photoshop on the post-processing. I started to use PS a month ago and I’ve been watching some tutorials lately to know how to use it. It’s incredible how many things you can possibly do with this software! Is PS what you use to process your photos as well? I’ve heard that Lightroom 5 is pretty good too, I might download the trial version and give it a try.

      I really like your idea to put some tape on the shutter haha. It would definitely speed up the process for me! 🙂

      • Yael. I shoot RAW and import into LR and do most of my global as well as some targeted adjustments there. I try to do as much heavy lifting as I can in LR since it is completely non-destructive and fast. I then import into PS as a 16-bit TIFF Smart Object. In PS I primarily work with the NIK plugins and use Dfine, Viveza and ColorEfex Pro (I highly recommend this suite and since Google bought them, the suite has been available for $149 and can be occasionally had for as low as $99) and then do additional targeted adjustment.

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