What’s best than starting off the weekend going to watch little fly man-made machines crash in the water? Around 110,000 spectators (including Dan and I) were in Rainbow Harbor last Saturday for the creative Red Bull Flugtag competition. There were 28 teams presenting their homemade, human-powered and original designed flying devices with the hope to see them fly.   Each of them were judged on their creativity, showmanship and distance flown. This event was so much fun to watch, especially when the flying machines immediately plummeted to the water. One of the teams even scored a negative distance measurement because of the wind!

Redbull flugtag competition

Palms in Long Beach

Red bull flugtag competition

It’s crazy to think that these teams put a lot of sweat, time and effort in creating these devices just for less than 10 seconds of glory.  One of the teams made history though. The Chicken Whisperers, a team of engineers from San Francisco, beat last year’s world record sailing 258 feet over the harbor. That was pretty impressive!! If the flugtag wasn’t being awesome enough that made the party even crazier!


Yellow flowers

American flag

After that we got to explore Long Beach for a little bit before heading to the LA Galaxy game. Yes! As a good Spaniard that I am, soccer is my favorite sport, so it was a very cool surprise when Dan told me that he got tickets for the big game! LA Galaxy played against Seattle Sounders (one of the best teams in the league) and the game ended up in a 1-1 tie.

An hour before the game, we stopped at a Starbucks to take a coffee and get some energy. For some reason that I can’t remember, we started a conversation with the man that was seating right next to our table. He had tickets for the game as well so we talked about soccer, the differences between America and Europe, and that kind of stuff. Well, the cool surprise came when he mentioned that his grandson was a professional soccer player of the Seattle Sounders team and he would be playing that night! Apparently, this guy has got a couple offers to play with European professional teams, so who knows if he will become the next Messi! Anyways, what were the odds of us meeting this player’s family that night? Crazy…

I hope you enjoy the pictures that I took around Long Beach! Have a nice afternoon!

Dan in Long Beach


Yael in Long Beach pier





    • I just saw that wordpress classified this comment as ‘spam'(so angry)! Don’t think I was ignoring you, I always love to reply to your nice comments – you know that. American and European soccer styles are completely different, but it’s always the atmosphere of the stadium what makes me enjoy the games so much! 🙂 Now that you mentioned Chicago… I’ll be there for Thanksgiving, can’t wait! I miss that city soooo much!

  1. I love your photos! Glad you enjoyed the soccer game. I’ve been to a few of the Houston Dynamo games and always enjoy them.

    I just went to my first football/soccer game here in Scotland and loved that too! Different atmosphere than in the States, but great fun as well!

    • I used to sneak into FC Barcelona games when I lived in the city – I’m a big Barca fan! My apartment was 5 min walking from the stadium so it was very convenient. If you make it to Barcelona one day make sure to visit their stadium – it is one of biggest in the world and I’m sure you’d love it.

      I was lucky enough to go to a FC Barcelona – Real Madrid game a couple years ago (they have been rivals forever) and the atmosphere was incredible, I’ve never seen anything like that. We beat them up 5-0. It was an unforgettable night!

  2. I know how dedicated you are to your job and career, but really Yael, you could easily take up photography as a career, you have a great eye and capture beautifully,

    • Your kind words always brighten my day! Thank you so so much. Photography is something that amazes me in so many ways and I feel so grateful for having this as my passion. Each day that I get to practice and learn new things I love it more and more. I honestly think that I’d be very happy if I could live from it in the future… why not 🙂 But for now I’m focusing on making the most of the gear I own, learning as much as I can and we’ll see what future holds there for me… 🙂

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