sweet flower

Two days ago when I got home from work I found Dan in front of his computer absorbed by whatever he was watching. I hugged him from behind to let him know that I was home cause he didn’t even notice I was there yet. He turned around, kissed me and said ‘Oh sweet pea, you need to watch this video’. I could see in his eyes that he was genuinely moved by it, so I instantly got excited to see what was all about.

What he showed me was a heart-warming story that made me drop some tears. Fred Stobaugh is a 96-year-old man who wrote a song to his wife one month after she passed away. He saw on the newspaper that a local music studio was organizing a singer-songwriter competition, and even though he is not a musician, he sent the lyrics and a letter explaining his 75 years of love with Lorraine. It was the perfect way to thank her for all the years she spent by his side loving him unconditionally.Β He didn’t expect any response, but the studio decided to bring Fred’s lyrics to live for him with professional musicians and singers. Fred couldn’t hold back tears after listening to the song for the first time.

This story made me appreciate the time, youth and family that I have more than ever. ‘Oh sweet Lorraine’ –Β a great song with a great story behind.

Bring a tissue if you play the video…

Have a nice weekend!



8 thoughts on “A LETTER FROM FRED

  1. This was amazing. I am going to reblog this for you. It was such a good story and definitely deserves to be passed on. Thanks so much for sharing Fred’s story on here and for checking out my own blog. I am very happy for you, following your own passions and not only getting out to travel from your home, which I know is touch for many, but then to pack up and move away, even more difficult. Keep on following your own dreams Yael, and working on your photography. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, as I hope you will follow mine. I am going through a bit of a fresh start since my comp crashed and I lost all of my photography work that was brand new. Keep an eye on my new stuff to come up, out here in Denver. I was just out in L.A. visiting my friends back in April and had a great time.

    If you get up the street into Culver city, and like a little jazz, check out Industry Cafe on washington. We stopped there to meet some local travelers and they had an open mic night, which was like a live lyric/poetry/jazz sesh complete with a house band to back and all. It was awesome. We walked in and everyone welcomed us in, my brother got up and played on stage. Great time.

    Keep in touch. Peace and love.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and take the time to write such a nice comment Alexander. Fred is a story that really moved me so I really appreciate that you share it as well for other people that might not hear about it yet.
      I’ll definitely keep practicing photography, it’s unbelievable how much support and inspiration I find in the blogging community. I’m so sorry to hear that your computer crashed and you lost all your work – it happened to me a couple years ago so I completely understand how bad it is. Seeing how part of your memories goes away is such a heartbreaking moment. I’ll follow your work for sure, I genuinely like your blog.

      Thank you so much for the recommendation! I haven’t had the pleasure to check out this bar yet. My boyfriend loves to play guitar and creates his own music, so I’m sure he will love it! πŸ™‚

      Looking forward to following your new work. Best wishes!


      • You’re very welcome. I completely agree about Fred’s story. And I found very similar support throughout the blogging world via connecting on my blog. I have made soem excellent connections with people I now consider great friends and keep in touch with regularly, just through writing on here. It has been awesome.

        No worries on the computer. I did a post about the situation and view it as a fresh start for my artwork and a letting go of all of the old that I was clinging to in my life. Don’t feel sorry for me.

        Very happy that you like my blog. I hope to bring other’s some form of teaching from it, but at the same time, it’s ultimately up to them to make those decisions to change their own path for the better. I just hope I can help facilitate.

        You’re welcome for the rec. Let me know how that goes. Awesome that your bf plays music. Such a pure form of spirit and joy. I am currently putting together a group with my brother out here in Denver. Keeping super busy filling my time with productive things like that is much more important to me than just constantly looking for the next stream of entertainment to occupy my mind like I observe many other’s doing in society.

        Thanks so much for your compassion and support.


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