Golden Gate at night

Nearby wine country, vibrant local music scene, breathtaking views, beautiful steep hills, abundance of parks, friendly people, great public transportation, crazy nightlife, unique architecture, so many delicious cuisine choices, iconic bridges, gorgeous sunsets, amazing places to hike, beach…This city marries all these wonderful things in one little spot.

Ohh San Francisco…it’s impossible to not fall in love with you! I’ve been lucky enough to visit the city twice now, and each time it has left me spellbound and wanting more and more.

I took this picture in one of my favorite spots of the city – Vista Point -, a place where you can contemplate the beauty of the Bay, the city skyline and the Golden Gate bridge all at once. The views at night are stunning and they get ingrained in your heart forever. You can just go there, sit in a quiet place and relax. It feels unreal.

If you need a five minute break take a look at Adrift – a time-lapse video made by photographer Simon Christen. He chased the fog of San Francisco Bay Area for over two years and this is the result of a series of magic shots. I promise it is worth to watch!



7 thoughts on “FOGGY SAN FRANCISCO

  1. Thanks for sharing the timelapse, what an amazing video. To be honest, it’s videos like this that made me want to do some timelapse for myself! Haven’t actually made one myself but just picked up an intervalometer (a device which will trigger your shutter at a specified time, over and over)…really looking forward to trying it out!

    • Wow David I’m getting excited already to see your creation and you haven’t even started yet! I am amazed every day by your photography, I’m sure your lapse-time video will be a candy for our eyes! It takes a lot of patience and sacrifice to do these kind of videos, but I have no doubts that you can make it happen!

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