New city, new friends

I have been living in Los Angeles for about two months now and last weekend was the first time that I took Dan to see the famous Hollywood sign. FINALLY! We still have a lot of exploring to do here but at least we can cross that out of our list!

We did the Hollyridge Trail with a group of friends that we had the luck to meet some weeks ago. We are an international group of people coming from different countries – France, Germany, Taiwan, Spain, US – and sharing the same sense of adventure. It’s so cool to think how even though we began at different times and places in this journey of life, our paths crossed to enjoy this experience and create lifetime memories together.
I really appreciate my time with them because I get to learn so many unique and interesting things about their culture. It’s amazing how different, yet how alike we can be with each other.

Hollywood sign

International friends

Dan at Hollywood trail

Beautiful bushes

Hollyridge trail

Hollyridge trail

The trail was pretty intense because there were steep parts and it was so hot, but everything paid-off when we got to the top and saw the back of the sign. That was the closest we could legally be, and I couldn’t believe how huge the letters are! The views of LA were pretty good from there too, but I was a little bit disappointed because the layer of smog that sits above the city didn’t let me take clear photos of the skyline.

Hollywood sign from behind

Los Angeles city

Dan at Hollyridge trail

Nice bushes

Hollywood sign

After that we took our cars and drove to Griffith Park to see the city from a panoramic angle. It wasn’t planned but we got there right before the sun went down and the sunset was spectacular! We sat at the terrace of the bar to take a drink while watching the last colors of the sky be replaced by the city lights.

It was an exhausting but beautiful day! That night I went to bed with a big smile on my face.

Griffith Observatory

Sunset at Griffith Observatory


Los Angeles city lights



17 thoughts on “A TASTE OF HOLLYWOOD

    • Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ It was my first time at Griffith Observatory and I’ll surely be back. Next time I’ll try to go during the week though – dealing with parking was a little bit stressful!

  1. Beautiful photos, you have a great eye for the unusual and you write / relate your experiences so well. Would love to do that hike one day and see for myself how big those letters are πŸ™‚

    • Your words mean so much. Writing in English is a huge challenge for me since my natural tendency is to translate everything exactly as it sounds in Spanish. Sometimes I feel like I would do a greater job conveying what I feel if I wrote in Spanish, but I find fulfillment in pushing myself to get better at writing in English. It is not an easy task and I appreciate that you guys still read my posts even though they are not grammatically perfect.

      I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love photography so much. It allows me to share my creativity and convey who I am without worrying about language barriers. It is universal. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for sharing Yael. My favorite is the 5th photo. Great job with the composition and post processing. On a similar note, I recommend checking out Peter Lik’s photo of the Hollywood sign http://www.lik.com/thework/cities-towns/hollywoodnights.html. A very different take on a classic icon. The web image does not do it justice. You should have a Lik gallery nearby in LA and his photos in large format prints are truly awe inspiring and definitely worth a visit.

    • That is one of my favorite too – I’m so glad you liked it Mark.
      Wow thank you so much for sharing Peter Lik’s photo, it took my breath away. What a stunning shot! I’m gonna check out if he has a gallery close by now and I’ll definitely take a trip there. Thanks again!!!

  3. Hi Yael, your photos are amazing and your writing is inspiring as well. Bob, the kids and I have been favored to be at the Griffith Observatory years ago, but was not able to hike up the infamous sign … would love to have done that, but not anymore (way too old) … thank you for the follow and i hope to visit you again πŸ™‚ — April

  4. Nice series Yael! I lived in LA for four years and never went to the Hollywood sign if you can believe it!! I do remember Griffith Park, great place but some pretty shady places at night (or..it was when I lived there back in the late 80’s)!

    • You have lived all over the place! I have only been to Griffith Observatory so far, I need to do some more exploring around the park itself. Any advice on places I can go to take nice shots? What was your favorite spot in the city?

  5. oh wow, you took some beautiful pictures of The Hollywood Sign and The Griffith Observatory!!! I definitely want to hike the Hollyridge Trail soon, I didn’t know you could get that close to the sign – awesome!

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