Starting over in a new city might seem attractive to some, but the truth is that leaving behind everything that is familiar is not easy – at least not for me.

But big life changes never are, right?

After living in Barcelona the last six years, I forgot what it’s like to begin again. The sensation of being stripped of everything I was comfortable with has brought me so many nights of doubts and hopelessness. ‘Is this the right move for me?’ ‘What am I doing here?’ ‘Why the hell did I put myself in this situation?’ ‘Is it worth it to be away from my loved ones?’.

It takes a lot of strength to keep pushing myself to build my new life without regrets; but what I’m coming to realize is that when I push my limits, it is quite easy to get excited about the future. I used to be a person with a million goals in mind, wanting to accomplish them all at the same time. In actuality, I’m still this way, but I am trying to change that gradually. The lack of focus has brought me so much frustration and confusion in the last few months – by wanting too many things at once I lost track of everything.

Dan always says that having too many goals is like having none – and he is totally right. He taught me that the secret of getting what you want is to just have a big lifetime goal, and measure yourself based on that. This way, it is easier to set your focus on the little daily things that you can accomplish that will lead you towards your main purpose. Somehow everything in our life is connected and related, and that completely amazes me. I’m done with running in different directions.

I am blessed to be here, and I don’t want to waste any more minutes of my time feeling lost. This big change in my life is providing me the chance to reinvent myself, to take the time to follow my passions. I am discovering what I want the most in life, and more importantly… HOW to get there.

Have a wonderful evening!



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