Being kids

Lately I have been thinking about the things that I dreamed of when I was a little kid (maybe because my birthday is coming up?). I fantasized about how I would live my life when I didn’t have to ask permission to anybody, about the places I would travel to one day and the great things I would accomplish in life.

I wanted to be a grown-up to take my own decisions and live accordingly to my desires. I wanted to be independent as a synonym of freedom. Now I see that this word means different things to each of us and can change over time.
For me, at this moment, freedom means to live accordingly to my own dreams without fear – exactly like a little child would do. I used to see a million opportunities everywhere just because the concept of failure didn’t exist in my head yet. I dreamed without seeing what could possibly go wrong. And I miss that. So much.

Why do we lose that ability when we get old?

Most of the time we live our lives to go to work, we pay the bills and we worry about money and the future. It’s so easy to get caught up in our responsibilities. Sometimes we live life the way society pushes us to live or accordingly what our relatives expect from us. We waste time blaming others for what is missing in our life, but we don’t realize that we create our own circumstances. We easily forget who we really are, and when we do, we feel empty, frustrated, angry and lost. It can become an endless circle if we don’t wake up and see what really matters, why we are here.

Being kids

Even though I struggle most of the times and I lose sight of the important things, I truly believe that we have the key of our own happiness. Nobody will handle it to us if we don’t fight for it. And we can’t fight for it if we are scared.

We need to reconnect with the little child we all have inside. The one who still has dreams, desires and hopes. The one who still believes that it is possible to conquer the world.  Sometimes we just need to let the kid come out and play and allow ourselves to not take life too seriously.

Being kids

Being kids

I am thankful because Dan and I have never had the privilege to grow up completely. Every once in a while we still let ourselves be awkward and shot at crazy bones with a nerf gun ;). It can be dangerous though – Kiwi got shot…

Being kids

Being kids

Have a wonderful weekend! And don’t forget to do something that makes you feel free!



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