Napa Valley's vineyards

Last weekend I had the chance to visit Napa Valley –  one of the most prestigious wine regions in America. I’ve never been a big wine lover, but I really enjoyed the natural beauty of the large vineyards and getting involved in the wine tasting culture.

We were on our way to the heart of the town when a gorgeous winery at the right side of the route caught our eye. We stopped at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards to enjoy the pretty surroundings of the property and we ended up joining the wine and oil tasting.  They have a large selection of olive oils and wines produced by themselves available to taste at no cost.

I believe I tried almost all the different olive oil flavors and even though there were some of them that I didn’t like as much I was very impressed by the quality of the product.  We got a pack of four bottles that we customized with Arbequina Olive Oil and Champagne Vinegar. I’m sure some of our family members will appreciate the present.

Olive oil tasting

Dan checking on the oil

Cooking book

Olive oil tasting room

After that we headed to the wine room to keep enjoying the tasting experience.  We had to wait a little bit of time in line and that gave me the perfect excuse to sneak out and take some pictures of the store. Once again, they offer a wide selection of white and red wines that can be overwhelming if you are not a wine expert. Good thing they have wine educators that offer individualized attention. We ended up getting a dessert and sparkling wine. Now we just need to find the perfect occasion to open them up!

wine merchandise

Wine tasting room

kitchen decoration stuff

Dan with a glass of wine

The surroundings of this winery are so pretty and it is so easy to spend hours and hours walking around the property enjoying the vineyards, fountains and nice decoration. It is a really nice experience that I recommend everybody to try. I enjoyed my time there.

Nice windows

Jacuzzi Family Winery property

Dan at the winery

Beautiful balcony


We continued our trip to Napa’s downtown when of course we saw another gorgeous winery that we had to stop by.  It is hands down the most beautiful winery I’ve ever seen. It is called Domaine Carneros and the property is absolutely beautiful. We were late on our schedule so we didn’t join their wine tasting tour this time, but we certainly enjoyed the views of the landscape. I found that to be the perfect place to have a nice afternoon date with your better half.

Dan and I at the vineyards

Beautiful plant

Me at the vineyard

Dan at Domaine Carneros winery

Napa Valley views from the vineyard

I hope you’ve had a nice Labor Day weekend as well.

Happy Mon-Tuesday!



12 thoughts on “A WINE LOVER’S PARADISE

    • If you enjoy wine then you gotta plan another trip out there! I bet your experience will be even better if you can taste their local wines and get some bottles with you 🙂
      The wineries and vineyards landscapes took my breath away – I didn’t want to leave!

  1. Such beautiful pictures of such an amaaazing place! I can’t wait to go back to Napa/Sonoma. You guys look so happy and I’m glad you had such a great experience. 🙂

    • We really enjoyed our time in that region, it kinda reminded me the south of France. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go to Sonoma so I definitely want to go back and check that out! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by Shawna! 🙂

  2. Wonderful pics and experience! I can’t wait to go sometime. I am not particularly educated about wine, but love the artistry that goes into the process and flavors. There is no place better than a tasting at a winery to learn more. Especially in a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing…cheers!

  3. Oh, you guys look so good together ! I’ve been watching through posts and you’re absolutely adorable! Looking forward to some new posts 😀

  4. Ah, we were planning to go to Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma, CA (the gardens have amazing sculptures) at the end of the month, which is kinda next door form Napa. Keep my fingers crossed for good weather. Love the triangnular pattern that the rows make in your last pic!

    • Really? I’m so excited for you!! I bet it will be so beautiful! Take lots of pics and share them on your blog please – I would love to see them! 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good weather too. Thank you so much for commenting this post!

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