Yael in Venice Beach

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this summer went by way too fast!! It seems like it was yesterday when I came from Spain, and it’s already been a month…

I realized that my favorite season was ending last weekend when I went grocery shopping at Walmart. I saw mommies everywhere with tons of notebooks, folders, bags and packs of colored pencils in their shopping carts; not to mention that the school supplies section was completely empty. That made me feel melancholy to not get back to college now that I’m done with my studies (weird?), but I feel lucky for being where I am right now.

What I’ve come to learn in the last few months is that life gets more complicated with each year that goes by, and it becomes harder to not let worries be the central point that leads all your actions.  My secret is to not take life too seriously and let the little moments of every day fill me in with happiness. Sometimes we have to create these moments ourselves by trying new things and having new experiences outside of our comfort zone. It might not be easy, but in the end, we all can find a lot of joy by making slight changes in our routine.


One site that I found really useful and helped me to experience new things is Especially for those who are new in town or live far away from your families and friends, this site will help you make new friendships in your city and do activities that you would have never done by yourself.

Last weekend I attended one of the events organized by this group called 20’s-30’s Young in LA, and it went really well! Around 125 people from different cultures met on Will Rogers State Beach to spend a nice day together playing volleyball, wiffleball, frisbee, drinking, eating, and having cool side conversations (to know more details check my review on Yelp). It was so much fun, and thanks to the connections I made there, that same night I went out to a bar that I had never been before with some of the people I met that day. We exchanged numbers and kept in contact, and this following weekend we’re gonna hang out again. How cool, huh?

Annual Beach Day

In the next few weeks, I’ll surely join some other groups and try new activities like hiking or climbing to see how much I like it.  We never know what our next hobby can be if we don’t try it!!



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