I was fortunate enough to go to a fabulous wedding the other day (Congrats again, Alex and Michelle!), and it was the perfect occasion to put into practice my photography skills. Weddings are always the perfect place to capture happiness, love, beauty, joy and complicity – no matter in which culture.

Some people at the reception asked me how different American weddings are from the Spanish ones. Honestly, I don’t think they are that different. For me, a wedding is (or should be) a reflection of the bride and groom’s personality – who they are as a couple, as a team. Sometimes couples get too stressed on the planning involved that they lose sight of what really matters. It is a party to celebrate the love for each other, the marriage between two soul mates. The main goal should not be to impress anybody, cause they are already impressed! Isn’t it? The majority of people who attend your wedding are there because they love and admire you.

Wedding ceremony

Alex and Michelle really did a great job interacting with everybody, making sure we all were having fun. They define themselves as a funny and goofy couple, and that’s exactly what they conveyed to the guests. They organized so many games to entertain people, like a limbo contest or a photo booth where people could go and dress up themselves with funny stuff (like hats, gigantic glasses, mustaches, scarfs, etc).

Also, they organized a ‘money dance’, where males lined up in front of the bride and pinned money on her dress to dance with her, and same with the females and the groom. Part of Michelle’s family is from Philippines, and that’s part of their wedding tradition. It was so original and entertaining! Alex ended up with a dollar band around his body, and Michelle’s wedding dress was covered in green too.

Photo booth collage 1
Photo booth collage 2

That night had so many special moments, and they will surely be on my mind for a long time. Dan’s family was incredibly nice to me all the time, and they made me feel one more of them. They came from all over the States, and I can’t wait to visit them all in the future. Each of them are special for me.

Just married!
Me with Mr. & Mrs. Schallmo and the best man

Oh, remember that I kept my dress as a surprise for Dan? Well, I’m glad to say it was a success! A lot of girls and women came to me at the wedding to ask where they could get it! I got it when I was in Spain at a Mango store. They sell clothes online in the US at affordable prices as well, go and check it out! If you want to know where I got the purse and shoes, check my previous post!

Cocktail summer dress
Dan and I after the ceremony

I could go hours and hours writing about all the details of that big day, but I would need at least 5 more posts. I hope the pics show you  better the emotions of that day! They are the proof that the party was a blast! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!




  1. Your dress is absolutely stunning! I loove the detail work and you look so happy/comfortable in it which is what really matters ❤ thanks so much for tagging me!

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