This is my first link up ever and I’m excited to share my fave things this week with other bloggers!

ONE. Rehersal dinner at Maggiano’s!
How could I not feel the happiest girl in the world knowing that tonight I get to eat as much food as I want in my favorite Italian restaurant (in America)? Plus, I’ll get to meet all members of Dan’s family who are coming from all over the States to attend Alex’s wedding. Β Party mode on!!

Dan and I at Magianno's Little Italy (Chicago)

TWO. Reveal a secret
It took me forever to find the perfect dress for the wedding when I was still living in Spain. Tight budget + picky taste — definitely not a good combination. I was beyond excited when I went to Mango and saw the dress hanging on the hangers. This is it! – I told myself. Once in the US, I was dying to show the dress to Dan, but I decided to keep that as a surprise on the last minute. I have been so close to give up every time I opened my closet on the last month, but somehow I managed to keep the secret. Tomorrow this will be finally revealed! I hope he likes it as much as me, and feels proud of having me as his date! For obvious reasons, I can’t post a photo of the dress yet, but I hope you like the shoes and accessories I picked to complement the outfit. (FYI: the shoes and matching purse are from Marypaz, and the bracelets and rings from I am)

Animal print shoes & accessories

I love these shoes!

Orange and gold accessories

THREE. My new beachy hat
I got it some weeks ago at the Melrose Trading Post (if you missed my old post and want to know more about my flea market experience, click here) and I’m in love with it! I wear it every time I go to walk on the beach after work. It is always so windy down there and it works perfectly to keep my messy hair in place. Plus, it makes me look like an authentic California girl! πŸ˜›

Beachy outfit

FOUR. Just started to watch Grey’s Anatomy.
Now that I’m finally living in America and I can take advantage of my boyfriend’s Netflix subscription, I decided to catch up with this TV show. One of my best friends in college was a big fan of it, and she spent half of our friendship trying to convince me that it was a good idea to start with it. I have only watched the first two episodes so far, but I already understand why Judith was so crazy about it!

Grey's Anatomy

FIVE. Etsy – Where have you been all my life?
It sounds like a crime not knowing what Etsy is, right? I’m glad I found this place this past Tuesday. I’ve spent so many hours looking through all its products since then. I love that they let artists around the world share their creations, and thanks to that we have access to unique homemade goods, vintage items and craft supplies. I’m thinking of making my first purchase, but I just can’t make up my mind! There is so much good stuff there!




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