CHICAGO in Black & White


Hi guys!

I’m about to change the warm West Coast for the wild Midwest! Off to Chicago for the weekend! Woooo! I seriously couldn’t be more excited!
This city changed the path of my life two years ago, and I always feel a sense of gratitude when I walk through its streets. Chicago really feels like home to me.

Dan’s brother, Alex, is getting married this Saturday with the love of his life, Michelle. I consider them part of my family already, and I wish them the most joy and happiness that is well deserved through their loyalty for each other. I’m sure it will be an unforgettable and memorable day full of emotion, where all the family and friends reunited will have a great time together.

As a curious anecdote, you need to know that I’ll surely spend my 5 hour flight practicing over and over the text that I gotta read at the ceremony. It was such an honor when they asked me if I wanted to be one of the readers, but I would be lying to you if I didn’t recognize that I’m completely freaked out! I mean, this is a big deal, ok? It won’t be easy to head to the stage with my high heels while everybody is in silence staring at me. Plus, I’ve got this awkward Spanish accent that I hate (and my boyfriend loves cause he feels like he’s dating Shakira). Anyways, I’ll calm myself down and think positively. Yael, you’re going to do GREAT. Period.

Have a nice weekend, and make the most of it!










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