Photography exhibition

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This past Saturday I woke up kinda sad cause I was really hoping for the sun to show up. Seriously what is wrong with Los Angeles weather? During the week I melt on my way to work, and when the weekend is finally here there are gigantic clouds over my head. Well, that only means one thing – no beach time. Lucky me I live in LA, and here there are plenty of things to do besides lying on the sand and getting toasted.

The day started pretty well, my boyfriend invited me to have breakfast at Denny’s cause he knows that I love that place. Why? Simple. In Europe (or at least in Spain) you don’t get that much food for that price! I ordered the grand slam with sunny-side up eggs, slices of bacon, hash brown potatoes (my favorite!! I really want to learn how to cook those) and French toasts. Two words: delicious and food coma.

Dan, who obviously knows my passion for photography, saw on Internet that there was a photographic exhibition at Annenberg Space for Photography and he wanted to take me there. We were on our way when by fate we saw this UCLA Thrift Shop on the northeast corner of Massachusetts Ave. We stopped by to see if we could pick up some cool stuff for our new apartment. I’m glad we did it, I really enjoyed my time there! There is a big section of shelves full of old books for only 0.25 cents, and they are even sorted by genre. I’ve been a big fan of literature since I was a little kid, so for me that was like being surrounded by candy. I spent that much time going through these books that I asked Dan if he could add more money in the parking meter. In the store you can also find quality used furniture, clothes, jewelry, antiques and stuff for decoration. We ended up getting 5 or 6 books (California travel guides, some novels for me, and a wine book for him), a glass of wine and a picture frame that I fell in love with. The shop sales go to raise money for the UCLA Medical Auxiliary, and I’m glad we contributed somehow (to know more about their cause click here).

 Thrift shop aqcuisicions

After this wonderful stop we headed to the Century City neighborhood where the Photography Space is located. I really didn’t know what to expect, and that’s exactly what makes things even more interesting. The admission was completely free and the parking only cost $1. Amazing, huh? Only to experience the beauty of the area is worth to go. The Annenberg Space for Photography is surrounded by some skyscrapers and green areas where you can seat and take a coffee.

I’m honestly ashamed to recognize that I didn’t know who Helmut Newton was before visiting his exhibition. He was one of the most famous and influential photographers of the past century. Newton changed the way in which women were being photographed in the fashion industry to offer provocative, highly sexualized, powerful and still feminine photos. The exhibit displays more than 100 prints, as well as two films about Newton that are so interesting to watch. The films examine the photographer’s impact on fashion, on women and on photography – as told by people who knew him.

I encourage those who love photography to visit the exhibition, you’ll leave the place amazed by Newton’s work. It will be on view until September 8, so make sure you don’t miss it! (For more information, click here).

It wasn’t allowed to use the camera in the exhibition, but I hope you like the ones I took outdoors.

 Photography exhibition

Photography exhibition

Photography exhibition

Photography exhibition

Photography exhibition

Photography exhibition

Photography exhibition



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