After doing some thinking, I figured that the best way to start documenting a long trip abroad is to recap the previous moments of it. I will save a lot of energy from not listing all the feelings that I had running through my body the days before my departure cause basically it wouldn’t be enough space with just one post. So often I’ve been told that I’m a fearless person, always taking unnecessary risks just because is who I am. Sometimes I doubt if that’s an accurate definition of myself or I’m just so good hidding my feelings to others. Whatever the case, all the smart and stupid decisions that I’ve made throughout my lifetime brought me to this moment – and I couldn’t be happier! Well, I lie, packing my dog in my bag would have been the icing on the cake. Whess, an 18 pound white dog, fills me with a sense of protection and joy that is pretty impressive. I got him on Valentine’s Day 10 years ago and since then he has been my heart and soul. Knowing I’ll be apart from him for so long (1 year for me, 7 for him) bring tears to my eyes. It might sound stupid, but I think he likes to hear my voice on Skype as much as I like crunchy peanut butter.


I’m not ashamed to say it anymore. I’m Spanish, and I love peanut butter. I got so many weird looks from my friends back at home, but once I convinced them to try it their taunts never came back. It’s an expensive treat, though – can you believe that a tiny little jar of JIF peanut butter cost 9 euros ($12) in Barcelona?! Whatever. I jumped for joy when Dan and I found this little American store that sold it while talking a walk in Barcelona last summer. Happiest. Girl. Ever. Not kidding, my peanut butter addiction is getting serious. I even strategically squeezed some pb&j sandwiches right next to the jamón ibérico plate (if you don’t know what jamon is click here, that must be in your list of ‘foods to try before I die’) to make them more attractive to the eyes of my Spaniard family during my mom’s 50th surprise party.

Oh, that party…I was so happy to be at home for such a special day! My dad and I discovered our abilities as party planners during that week. O.M.G. if it was tough to hide that from my mom! As you can imagine, she didn’t want to spend a second away from her sweet daughter on her last week in Spain, so I had to come up with ridiculous excuses to sneak out of my house (I love you mom!). I also have to admit that I would have never been able to do that successfully without my grandma’s wisdom. So yeah, that’s basically how I spent my last days in my little city (if you want to know more about it click here) – working as a full-time party planner while making sure I had all the documentation needed to convince the US customs and border protection officer that I’m a good girl. Oh! And taking benefit of my dad’s business which sells the best pizzas in the world! ( take a look here!).

The party was a blast! That’s absolutely an objective statement since I measured the rate of success based on how many times my mom and some other family members cried out of emotion. It was a blessing to see all my family reunited once again before my departure. Lots of goodbye kisses and hugs for me! Plus, I saved so much money in gas without having to visit all of them individually.

I hope you enjoy the photos of that day as much as I do. And I promise in the next post I’ll start writing about my new life at the other side of the Atlantic ocean.










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